GCH CH Angel Kiss The S’Kai De Ariosa CD BN RE CA CGCA

Meet Kai, rising Spanish Water Dog Star. She is co-owned by Colleen Nolan and me (Lisa Harper), and bred by Susan Deangelo. At two years old, she is already one of the most decorated Spanish Water Dogs in North America having earned titles in conformation,


Colleen and Kai, new coursing title!


obedience, rally, coursing and the CGC series. As we say in the dog world, she’s titled on ‘both ends’, meaning she has AKC champion prefix titles and suffix working and companion titles. Not many dogs have that.

Colleen and I are both all about the well-rounded dog, but we bring different talents to the table. Colleen thus far has trained Kai through top scores and titles in obedience, rally, coursing and CGCA titles.

To squeeze in all of those titles with Colleen, Kai has been with me only a few months in her lifetime: at 1 yr for her Championship and now for her Grand. In her six shows since rejoining my crew in December 2016, she has earned (6) Best of Breeds including  (2) 5-point majors, a 4-point major and a 3-pt major. Additionally, she garnered NOHS Groups 2, 3 and 4. Not too shabby. Keeping our eye on the prize: Westminster 2018.


Lisa and Kai at Wildwood, NJ  Jan 2017


Kai and I have begun training for agility and hope to be competing by the end of summer. She’s happy, confident, responsive, and a quick and tireless worker; a real joy to work with. Kai’s also slated to dabble in herding and barn hunt before our national specialty this autumn. It’s going to be a very fun year.

Stay tuned for more on Kai’s exploits!




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